Golden Prince Dump Truck (6X4) Golden Prince Mixer Truck (6X4) Golden Prince Mixer Truck (6X4) Golden Prince (LNG) (6X4)

Brand Overview

Golden Prince Series Trucks

Golden Prince Series heavy-duty trucks are developed by SINOTRUCK with mature whole vehicle match technology and MAN L2000 cab, meeting China’s actual work conditions. The whole steel structure cab has high strength, compact structure and short front suspension, equipped with 4-point suspension mechanism, which is very safe and comfortable.

Equipped with the 4th generation wide cylinder Steyr technology D10 engine, HW series transmission, AC16 (HC16) series double-stage reduction drive axle, the product features good pass ability, mature structure, high load bearing capacity, strong power, high reliability, gradeability and price performance ratio, especially applicable to the transport of engineering vehicles and short/medium distance logistic transport. It has become the benchmark of homemade engineering vehicles, mining dump trucks and China’s short/medium distance logistic transport market.