New Huanghe Cargo Truck(8X2) New Huanghe Tractor Truck (4X2) New Huanghe Dump Truck

Brand Overview

New Huanghe Series — The Intercity Logistics Expert

Brand Story
In April 1960, SINOTRUCK manufactured China’s first heavy-duty truck “Huanghe”JN150. On May 4, 1960, Chairman Mao saw the truck at Zhenzhuquan Exhibition in Jinan. In January 1966, Marshal Zhe De visited Jinan Automobile Manufacturing Factory (the former of SINOTRUCK) and wrote down the brand name “黄河”(Huanghe) which was used on SINOTRUCK truck products ever since.
The new generation product New Huanghe C5B Series was successfully developed and put into market in 2011. The new C5B Series was one of the strategic products of SINOTRUCK’s “12th Five-Year Plan”.
Secretary of SINOTRUCK Ma Chunji had great expectations on the New Huanghe products and he wrote the “新”(New)to supplement the brand name “Huanghe” wrote by Marshal Zhu De. He hoped that “New Huanghe” would create more brilliance.

Brand Connotation
As Jinan is located at the shore of the Yellow River, the cradle of Chinese Nation, which symbolizes the Chinese spirit of self-dependence, hard working and unremitting self-improvement.

Brand Overview
New Huanghe C5B Series is SINOTRUCK’s new generation medium/heavy-duty truck product and one of the strategic brands of SINOTRUCK’s “12th Five-Year Plan”. C5B is developed with advanced design concept and manufacturing technology, based on thorough market survey and more than 50 years manufacturing experience. Equipped with MAN L2000 Series cab and commonly used assembly parts, it has competitive advantages in terms of drive mode, wheel base, compartment length, weight, and bearing capacity.

Product Features: 

I. Highway Transportation Truck Series


The transportation series includes tractor truck, flatbed truck, van truck, grid truck, etc. The available drive mode includes 4×2, 6×2, 6×4, 8×2 and 8×4, power range is 140hp~260hp, and the compartment length is 6750mm~9600mm. It is widely used for 100km~1500km short/medium distance and long distance transportation above 1500km.

II. Engineering Truck Series


Engineering Truck Series includes engineering dump truck and transport dump truck, and available drive mode includes 4×2, 6×2 and 8×4. Engineering dump truck has a compartment of 4500mm~7600mm long, power range is 160hp~260hp, and the lifting mode includes T model ventral lift, front lift and side dump type. The products are widely used in various mines, river flat, construction sites, river dredging, damming and road construction sites.

III. Mining Truck Series
4×2 dump truck features compartment length 4700mm-4900mm, and power range 220hp-240hp. Its lifting mode is T model ventral lift. And it is mainly used in mining operations, as it is entirely reinforced to meet the mining work conditions. It has larger load bearing capacity and higher reliability compared with common engineering dump trucks. 

IV. Special Chassis Series


Special Chassis Series mainly includes tank truck chassis, powder tank truck chassis, garbage truck chassis, snow/ice remover truck chassis, road construction/maintenance truck chassis, chemical transport truck chassis, cement pump truck chassis, mixer truck chassis, etc. Each special chassis product is specifically adapted to corresponding superstructure in terms of overall configuration and assemblies. The products can be widely used for various kinds of modified vehicle, which enables quick and convenient modification, and reduces cost, improves modification efficiency, and maximally avoids damage to the original vehicle structure and meanwhile provides better protection for the chassis.