SITRAK-C5H is an advanced new generation heavy duty truck developed by SINOTRUCK. Its comfort, reliability, economy and intelligent technology all reach international advanced level. Its reliability, economy, safety and environmental adaptability design are highlighted.

SITRAK redefines the quality of high-end medium-sized/heavy duty truck—“18232”
i.e. MC07 engine: 1—B10 engine’s life 1,000,000 kilometers.
MC05 engine: 8—B10 engine life 800, 000 kilometers.
2— Engine oil change every 20,000 kilometers.
3— MC07 monthly mileage exceeds 30,000 kilometers.
2—MC05 monthly mileage exceeds 20,000 kilometers.

High reliability—full attendance & parts of famous brands
It adopts the same product design, production assembly technology, conformity management, and testing and assessment in accordance with MAN product standards.
Key Engine parts adopts products of MAN’s suppliers, with highly integrated modular design, and the number of parts is 25% less than that of similar engines, which reduces trouble rate.
Key chassis parts adopt products of world-famous brands, which guarantees reliable product quality, including ZF transmission, steering gear and oil pump; WABCO clutch operation system, brake valves, gear shifting control valve; VOSS brake connector; MANN+HUMMEL oil filter, air filter; VDO instruments and VCU/BCU electric control module; BEHR intercooler and water tank; TMD disc brake friction block, etc.


High economy—excellent performance & economy
• MC05/MC07 (homemade MAN D08) engine features wide range of low fuel consumption and big torque, high detonation pressure and optimized injection/combustion system, wide range of revs and minimum fuel consumption rate.
• ZF transmission has big input torque, excellent fuel saving performance, and synchronizer design, featuring wide range of speed ratio, small speed difference, and high drive efficiency.
• MCY09/MCY11 drive axle has high drive efficiency and low speed ratio; it adopts SKF maintenance free bearing units and B10 engine life is up to 1.5 million kilometers.



Highly comfortable—flexible operation & comfortable like at home
• Cab (homemade MAN TG series) appearance looks mighty and elegant; car type interior.
• High performance gear shifting and pneumatic assisted steering wheel adjustment features flexible and comfortable control.
• Highway truck adopts large span small leaf spring frame and optimized four-point cab suspension system, providing operator the most enjoyable driving experience.



High safety—world-class safety
• Cab (homemade MAN TG series) collision meets European standards; steering column has deformation element; Patented MAN technology door hinge ensures normal opening of the door after collision.
• Front disc brake and rear drum brake and EVB (exhaust valve brake) reduce the brake frequency when going down a long slope, which reduces the wear of brake and effectively guarantees safety.
• ABS (anti-lock brake system) and optional ASR (Acceleration Slip Regulation) + EBL (electric brake force distribution) + TPM (Tire pressure monitoring) system, as well as powerful electronic management system (BCU+VCU) provides effective safety guarantee.