High reliability—high attendance rate, low trouble rate

It adopts originally imported MAN TG series technology, and the same product design, production assembly technology, conformity management, and testing and assessment, all in accordance with Germany standards. MAN SE’s first-class parts procurement system strongly guarantees the product reliability.

Good economy—usage cost is 10%~30% lower than similar domestic products
MC11 (Germany MAN D20) engine features low fuel consumption and big torque; 1000 revs/min~1400 revs/min. range is very economic and the lowest fuel consumption is 186g/ kw•h, which is 5% lower than similar domestic engines. Engine oil replacement interval is up to 60,000km, which can save oil cost of 15,000Yuan/vehicle a year. The ZF transmission also has good fuel saving performance, wide gear ratio range with small speed difference, and the drive efficiency is improved by 3%~8% compared with similar domestic products. MCY13 drive axle (Germany MAN 13t single stage reduction axle) has high drive efficiency and low speed ratio, and the lowest speed ratio is 3.08. Original MAN vehicle technology which is proven through stringent wind tunnel test effectively reduces rolling resistance and wind resistance.

High safety: top-level active safety and passive safety as that of world-class heavy duty trucks

Passive safety—the roof, side and rear of the cab are welded with double layer steel plate and bound with strong adhesive. The floor is added with reinforced horizontal beam in addition to the longitudinal beam, which enhances cab strength and rigidity. And the hollow out design of internal plate reduces weight. Thus it meets European ECER29 cab strength standards.
Active safety—it uses engine exhaust valve brake (EVB), and reduces the braking frequency when going down long slopes, which reduces the wear of brake, prolongs tire life and improves brake safety. The front axle adopts disc brake, which improves brake efficiency. ABS+ASR+EBL+TPM mechanism and powerful (BCU+VCU) electronic management system maximally guarantees safety.

Highly comfortable
Four-air bag cab with air suspension, pneumatic seat, and large span small leaf spring chassis vibration absorption mechanism ensures unexpected comfort.
World-class ZF transmission with synchronizer is flexible to operate; High performance gear shifting and pneumatic assisted steering wheel adjustment; optimized cab four-point suspension system, pneumatic seat with waist support, and wide sleeper berth provide the operator the most enjoyable driving experience.

High intelligence—maximally reduces driver fatigue and saves the management cost
Powerful cruise control function effectively reduces driver’s labor intensity and improves safety and comfort, meanwhile saves fuel consumption and improves fuel economy. The green “ECO” economic operation mode can effectively control truck speed fluctuation and reduce fuel consumption. The characteristic SINOTRUCK fleet management system can effectively help customer make assessments on the driving and operation skills, which will also reduce fuel consumption. The real time vehicle data monitoring is favorable to remote troubleshooting and can realize better vehicle control and management.