Brand Overview

SITRAK series high-end heavy-duty truck is localized product manufactured by SINOTRUCK based on the original MAN TG technologies. SITRAK is a joint venture brand built by SINOTRUCK and MAN, carrying out stringent European design and test standards.

SITRAK product’s engine B10 can reach total mileage of 1.5 million kilometers and the designed service life of transmission and axles all reach one million kilometers, which defines a new quality standard for homemade medium-duty/heavy-duty trucks. The 2-year extra-long warranty service also set a new benchmark for the services of high-end heavy-duty trucks.

With the design concept “making the complicated simple”, SITRAK trucks are unique and keep the lead in market. The engine features extra low fuel consumption, strong power and high reliability. Intelligent ZF transmission matches well with MC11 engine, which not only reduces the burden of drive system but also simplified the operation and effectively reduces operator’s work intensity, showing outstanding driving performance of SITRAK series. High reliability and durability ensures higher availability and high efficiency.

SITRAK series heavy-duty trucks weigh 18T~31T, and the drive mode includes 4×2, 6×4, 8×4, and 6×2, meeting the requirements of various work conditions.  

SITRAK series truck has unparallel performance, no matter on flat highways or rugged roads, or even in remote areas.