Brand Overview

Brand Connotation
SITRAK is a high-end truck brand jointly built by SINOTRUCK and MAN. SITRAK has been registered in China and dozens of other countries and areas. SITRAK brand uses SITRAK trademark and SINOTRUCK’s “CNHTC” trademark. SITRAK branded trucks must comply with the quality and service standards jointly defined by SINOTRUCK and Man.

I. Product Quality Requirements
1. High comfort. Cab comfort and internal noise control must be superior to counterpart truck products, and close to or reach European standards.
2. High reliability. Detailed quality control and selection of components shall ensure high availability of the truck. The monthly mileage of MC05 shall exceed 20,000km, and that of MC07 shall exceed 30,000km.
3. High safety. Meet Europe standards and regulations; pass the reliability and performance test according to MAN’s local standards in Germany.
4. Low fuel consumption. Close to or equal to the fuel consumption of similar European trucks.

II. Warranty Services
1. Warranty period for highway trucks is two years (do not count mileage).
2. All components of engine, transmission and drive axle assembly are included in the warranty range(excluding the wear parts and consumable parts that users can replace by themselves).

Brand Overview:
SITRAK-C5H is a new generation medium-duty/heavy-duty truck manufactured by SINOTRUCK. Its comfort, reliability, economy and intelligence indexes all reach internationally advanced level. The product design focuses on product reliability, economy, safety and environmental adaptation.
SITRAK—C5H uses MC07 engine and MC05 engine. MC07 engine B10 can reach total mileage of one million kilometers and the monthly mileage exceeds 30,000km; MC05 engine B10 can reach total mileage of 800,000km, and the monthly mileage exceeds 20,000km.And the designed service life of transmission and axles all reach one million kilometers. This is a new quality standard for homemade medium-duty/heavy-duty trucks. The 2-year warranty service set a new benchmark for the services of high-end heavy-duty trucks.