M5G Tractor Truck (4X2) M5G LNG Tractor Truck (4X2)

Brand Overview

M5G Series

Brand Overview
In 2005, SINOTRUCK began to cooperate with MAN and equipped M5G truck with MAN engine. M5G truck is one of the strategic products of SINOTRUCK’s “12th Five-Year Plan”.
M5G series truck is SINOTRUCK’s new generation product, which was developed after thorough market research, with advanced manufacturing technology and cutting-edge automobile design concepts, based on SINOTRUCK’s 50 years’ automobile manufacturing experience. It is equipped with MAN L2000 cab and mainstream assembly parts products, featuring competitive advantages in the drive mode, wheel base, compartment length, loading capacity and weight, etc.

Product Features:

1. Highway Transport Series



The 4×2 tractor truck consists of common type and container type, and the horsepower range is 280hp~310hp. It is mainly used at ports where there are usually concrete pavements or high grade highways, and the single haul distance is less than 500km and the total weight of vehicle and goods is less than 40 tons.

2. Engineering Vehicle Series



The 8×4 dump truck consists of composite type and light weight type; its compartment length is 5950mm~7600mm, and power range is 280hp~310hp; and the lifting mode includes T type middle-mounted jack rear dump, front-mounted jack and side dump type. The vehicle is widely used in various mines, river flat, construction sites, and river dredging, damming and road construction sites. It is applicable to short/medium distance highway transport and quick dump operations as well as the transport of soil, sludge, ores, sands, construction materials and garbage.