Product Advantages

Product Advantages

More reliable
Manufactured in the SINOTRUCK Technology Center, the sole “National Heavy Duty Automobile Engineering Technology Research Center” in China, the product adopts advanced technologies and passed stringent road reliability test. Based on years of truck manufacturing experience, advanced design measures and first-class manufacturing technology, equipped with high quality key components and assembly parts, the product features more reasonable match, higher reliability and stability.

Higher Safety

The cab assembly adopts MAN L2000 cab technology, has high rigidity and meets Germany safety regulations. The four-point suspension structure maximally guarantees safety. The on-site quality control is conducted by experts from MAN SE, which ensures that the assembly quality reach international standards. The dual circuit pneumatic brake system also guarantees safety; and the cab sealing is first-class among homemade products.

More Comfortable

MAN L2000 four-point suspension cab and pneumatic seat makes it more comfortable to drive. First-class sealing reduces noise and dust. The hydraulic cab turning mechanism saves effort and is very convenient. The sleeper berth is 585mm wide, which is very comfortable. Car type instrument panel looks luxurious; integrated air conditioner control, cassette, cup holder, air outlet, and sundries box, are more ergonomically designed; Major functional buttons can be accessed easily for convenient operation; New interior of modern design is delicate and elegant.

More economic
MAN L2000 cab suspension and turning mechanism is superior to major Chinese brands. Compared with vehicle of same price, New Huanghe truck has extra-high performance price ratio as it is equipped with hydraulic cab turning mechanism, which is very convenient and saves effort; and it is also equipped with four-point suspension mechanism, which is more comfortable. The major assembly parts adopt mainstream products in domestic market, which features low cost and convenient for service and maintenance.

Assembly Advantages
1. Cab

1). Advanced MAN technology L2000 cab
SINOTRUCK successfully integrates international trends of heavy duty truck. The truck has a unique appearance, looks clean and elegant. The wing plate and the cab housing has smooth transition; unique hood and bumper make the vehicle look more luxurious.
2). High rigidity and safety
The cab is manufactured completely in accordance with the drawings provided by MAN; high quality welding meets European safety regulations. The thickness of steel plate for stamping parts is at least 1.2mm and the thickness of steel plate for main frame is 1.5mm~2mm. Thus it is one of the cabs that has the highest safety in Chinese market.
3) Excellent sealing for comfortable driving
The cab effectively insulates noise and dust, providing a comfortable work environment. In winter days, the heater can reach optimal status in a shorter time; in summer days, the air conditioner can quickly reduce indoor temperature, and it also has better fuel saving effect.
4) Four-point suspension, safe and comfortable
Four-point suspension mechanism greatly improves safety and comfort.




5) Extra-short front overhang for good pass ability
Due to short front overhang (which is 1320mm, and other products are all about 1500mm), M5G truck has the best pass ability among similar homemade products, especially applicable to tough road conditions.
6) New instrument panel and interior
Car type instrument panel looks luxurious; integrated air conditioner control, cassette, cup holder, air outlet, and sundries box, are more ergonomically designed; Major functional buttons can be accessed easily for convenient operation; Wide view, reasonably allocated instrument panel and legible readings are easy to check, which reduces fatigue; New interior of modern design is delicate and elegant.



7) Widened sleeper berth
The overall berth width is widened to 585mm, which is more comfortable.



2. Engine
MC07/MC05 (homemade MAN D08) Series engine of National IV emission standards features low fuel consumption and big torque, high detonation pressure, and optimized injection/combustion system. B10 can serve up to one million kilometers, and need to change oil every 20,000 km, which requires low operating cost.



3. Clutch and Transmission



Diaphragm spring clutch is mounted as standard clutch.
Featuring simple and compact structure, good balance, stability, heat dissipation and ventilation, as well as big torque, its quality and performance reaches advanced international level.
SINOTRUCK HW series transmission is mounted as standard configuration, which is a mature product in the market and has lighter weight. The main box adopts double intermediate shaft structure, and the auxiliary box adopts planetary mechanism, which greatly improves the reliability of the assembly. It also features wide range of gear ratio, big first gear ratio, heavy load start, and strong power for climbing, which lead to much superior performance.


4. High Strength Frame
Load bearing capacity related parts: frame, front axle, drive axle housing, wheels, suspension mechanism, etc.
Double layer frame—the flexible frame has higher toughness and resilience.
High strength manganese steel frame with reasonably designed section; the frame surface adopts imperforate design and the orifice positions are very accurate, which improves frame strength and reduces vehicle weight.



5. Drive Axle
The front axle adopts long-proven 1090 (3.6t), 1094 (4.3t), and 153 (5.5t) front axle, featuring mature and reliable technology, large inventory and convenient service and maintenance.



It is equipped with 1118, 1094, 153 and 457 drive axle, and can also be mounted with optional HC16 and AC16 series heavy duty drive axle. Featuring extra strong load bearing capacity, it is a long-proven product with mature technology and reliable performance. With large parts inventory and wide-spread service network, its service and maintenance is very convenient.