China National Heavy Duty Truck Group Jinan Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd.

Company Profile

China National Heavy Duty Truck Group Jinan Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd. is directly subordinated to China National Heavy Duty Truck Group Co., Ltd. (SINOTRUCK). Located at 53 Wuyingshan Middle Road, Jinan City, the company mainly conducts sales of SITRAK and STR products. SITRAK is a high end brand consisting of C7 and C5 series; STR is an intermediate brand, consisting of Golden Prince, HOKA, New HOKA, New Huanghe and M5G, etc. covering high-end, mid-level and low-end heavy duty trucks, medium-sized heavy duty trucks and medium-sized trucks.

The company has 12 functional departments, 32 branch companies, 23 spare parts warehouses, and 313 authorized dealers, 68 4S shops, 107 franchised stores, 73 authorized retrofitting plants, and 817 service outlets. The company has established the dealer network, retrofitting plants, parts supply and aftersales service network all over the country. Through using the advanced ISDN internet management system, the sales, services and parts management are greatly improved, providing users a more accurate and efficient product sales and service platform.

China National Heavy Duty Truck Group Jinan Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd. also manufactures SITRAK and STR truck products. The company is located at SINOTRUCK Zhangqiu Industrial Park and is one of the key truck manufacturing bases of SINOTRUCK. The company has built a 450,000m2 plant which covers an area of about 440,000m2, with annual output capacity of 50,000 trucks.

The company has multiple professional production lines of internationally advanced level for the manufacturing of frame and truck body assembly, truck assembly and inspection. Internationally advanced manufacturing and inspection facilities, excellent manufacturing equipment and high automation level provide strong support for the manufacturing of quality truck products.

Equipped with Asia’s longest heavy duty commercial vehicle assembly line, the company provides customized production. The whole production line consists of pre-assembly line, assembly line, interior line, engine assembly line and axle assembly line. The company also has the most advanced assembly equipment like full automatic screw tightening machine, pipeline assembly system, and drive shaft assembly system, as well as various kinds of liquid filling machine and electric appliance detectors, which firmly guarantees the truck assembly quality.

The frame manufacturing involves punching line, electrophoresis line, riveting line, bending line, and shot blasting line, which all reach domestic leading level. The truck body manufacturing uses industry leading automatic punching line, cab welding line and coating line. The automatic punching line consists of 2400t 8-linkage mechanical press, 1000t and 1200t eccentric mechanical press, SMT cleaning machine imported from Germany, oiling machine, and 7 sets ABBIRB6660 6-axle robots. The welding line consists of main welding line, floor welding unit, robot hemming unit, robot riveting unit, fixed spot welding section, and finishing line, which reach domestic leading level in the industry.

July 15, 2009, SINOTRUCK and Germany MAN Truck & Bus AG signed a long-term strategic cooperation agreement, according to which Jinan Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd. began to manufacture the TGA heavy truck products in China. Through the cooperation, advanced technologies, equipments and advanced management and marketing concept was brought in, and the company got quickly improved in terms of products, technology, quality and management and reached internationally advanced level.

Relying on the advanced internet system independently developed by SINOTRUCK and the high quality SINOTRUCK products, Jinan Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd. provides a more accurate and efficient product sales and service platform to meet market demand and customer’s specific requirements. Upholding the concept of “pursuing excellence and paying back to society”, the company aims to establish an excellent team that is hardworking and keen to market trends, making positive contributions for the sustainable healthy development of SINOTRUCK.