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SINOTRUCK youth volunteers conduct volunteer services at Quancheng Square

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The year 2014 is very important for Jinan City to apply for “National Wenming City” and “National Weisheng City”.

To promote Jinan City winning the titles, actively cultivate and implement the youths’ core values on socialism, and inspire their positive spiritual pursuit, SINOTRUCK Youth League Committee organized more than 30 youth volunteers and conducted the volunteered traffic guide and cleaning activity at Quancheng Square On June 7. The activity was reported on “Jinan News” TV program on June 8.

While receiving the interview of “Jinan News”, Deputy Secretary of SINOTRUCK Hou Yongjun said that at present there were more than 9,000 youth volunteers in SINOTRUCK, and they have served the society for more than 1.2 million hours in total. Next the League Committee of SINOTRUCK would continue to make more efforts for City’s voluntary work and let the youth staff exert their strength during the activities.

The volunteers were divided into several groups, they cleaned the public facilities at the Quancheng Square and set up a service station to provide volunteered traffic guide services. The volunteers answered the citizens and tourists patiently, accompanied them to the bus stations, help the seniors and disabled to get on the bus……With the most thoughtful services and sincere smiles, they became examples of SINOTRUCK, providing convenience and warmth to those who were in need. The activity showed good attitude of SINOTRUCK’s staff, and delivered positive energy to promote Jinan City’s more open development environment, convenient social environment and better ecological environment.

Zhang Xiawei
Editor: Chen Pengfei